MACTEC double layer Roll former is based on the same principal as the Single layer machine, but has two levels of dedicated tooling to produce two specific profiles from similar coil widths. This enables the production of two profiles within the floor space of a single level machine, and can save space, power and cost. 

Standard Features


It is for hold and feeding the coil to roll former, there have different choices according to different purpose or cost. 

Roll former

Fabricated steel chassis manufactured in sections for ease of handling. Complete with sheet feeding guider, fixed position driven forming stations and forming basement. The tooling is CNC precision machined and supported with pre-lubricated rolling contact bearings. The stations supporting columns are aliening in two levelers, each lever for one profile.  

Drive Unit

According to the different situation, several small size electrical motor, each one driving few stations, can make it fast and stable,  Variable speed electro mechanical drive.

Post cutter

Stationary, hydraulically operated post cut shear complete with replaceable, profiled D2 through hardened blades. According the profile, the cutter is also two layers, and the moving cutting blades move up and down to cut the two layers sheet. 


Free standing control console complete with both auto and manual functions with options of:

• PC control with data saving and offloading facility.

• Diagnostic fault finding capability.

• Operating System Safety Interlocks.

Product Supporter

To support or collect finished panel, and have different devices. 

Optional Accessories

• Coil Car

• Pre-cutter

• Safety cover


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